level needed 1 number 1 needed 2 number 2 needed 3 number 3
hardened coast iron ingot coast iron ore 4 deep crystal 1 common parts 5
hardened leather scraps of hide 4 bone chips 1 common parts 5
refined wool rough wool scraps 4 digger wilk 1 common parts 5
deep iron dark scrap metal 1 uncommon parts 2
dense deep iron ingot deep iron 4 obsidian shard 1 uncommon parts 2
mana infused deep iron ingot mana encrusted deep iron ore 2 obsidian shard 1 uncommon parts 5
reinforced thick leather scraps of thick hide 4 solid bones 1 uncommon parts 5
steelsilk cloth frayed silk scraps 4 steelsilk webbing 1 uncommon parts 5
pure mythril ingot mythril ore 4 black diamond 1 rare parts 5
reinforced ironhide leather tattered ironhide 4 gravebone shards 1 rare parts 5
ebonsilk cloth shadowsilk scraps 4 grave silk thread 1 rare parts 5

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